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Based on comments I’ve received over the last few months, I think I now have enough takers to build a second batch of Ensoniq-compatible “SP-4 Rewind” SCSI cards.  If you are interested in purchasing, what I need you to do is to post a comment in response to this post containing an email address that I can contact you at.  I will moderate the comments so that your email address doesn’t get posted publicly to the actual comment section, but that way I’ll have a way to get in touch with you about cost and timeframe for manufacturing the next batch.

Hope to hear from you all soon-




Today I received an antique in the mail.  A rather ancient SCSI CD-ROM drive, in an external enclosure, and an equally crusty 50-pin to DB-25 “Mac style” SCSI cable from SamplerZone.com.  It takes me back to the good old days of somewhere around 1993-1995, when I had boatloads of external hard drives in cases a lot like this one. But the good news: After hooking it up to my Ensoniq keyboard with the SCSI board I described in the last post, success! I can load lots of different sounds from CD-ROMs now.  It’s nice when things work the first time. OK, there was one little glitch – the memory expansion I installed a month or so ago turned out to be faulty.  After loading up sampled sounds I was hearing pops and clicks where I was sure there weren’t supposed to be any.  I was a little panicky at first that somehow the SCSI interface was corrupting the data or there was a noisy signal, but then I remembered that I’d never really tested the sample RAM after installing it.  I popped the factory SIMMs back in and all the noise problems immediately went away.  So it’s just bad memory from eBay. Phew.  Time to go see if I can get the seller to exchange it for a different set.

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