Well, last time I posted I mentioned I’d put up a kickstarter to make some more SP-4 SCSI boards for other Ensoniq TS owners.  There may not be all that many of those people left – we didn’t make the 21 that I needed to be able to fund the kickstarter and to get the price down aggressively via volume.

But I did have enough real backers to fill some orders anyway: I funded the small run myself, and I’m happy to say that I just completed mailing the short run of 6 fully assembled units to people all over the world – France, England, Czech Republic, and the U.S.!

Here are my little babies, just before packing them up to go out the door:


That was a fun project!

As a side note: I was pretty surprised by the crazy Kickstarter “pyramid” that starts as soon as you put a project up there.  People start pledging a dollar to you, asking that you do the same for them, hopefully as a means of driving traffic back to their kickstarter, and hoping that yours won’t succeed so they’ll never have to pay up.  And the bullshit personalized spam for offers to sell you the magic secrets to getting the backers you need, and so forth.  What a nuisance.