Had to add a few green-wire patches to a board at work yesterday so I resolved to get this one right.  I did much better this time:  I had no trouble adding a few 0805-sized resistors, which are significantly bigger and easier to work with than 0402’s (about 4 times the area), and then the only trick was adding wire leads from those to a couple of leads on a surface mount IC with very tight spacing between the leads.  I think that was probably the toughest part – clipping the lead very short and getting it bent and willing to stay in place without shorting against either of the adjacent pins.

Even using the tiniest solder blob imaginable I still managed to short the pins together a few times, but it was easily sucked back up with a little desoldering braid.  Need to use a little alcohol to clean the remaining rosin off, but the problems with the chip function are now solved, so I’ll consider this a success.photo